Five simple Feng Shui home decor tips for positive vibes

Five simple Feng Shui home decor tips for positive vibes

The belief of Feng Shui is to always have harmony with your surrounding environment. Feng Shui decorating will always be alive and well since the goal of any home is to create a peaceful and happy space. So how do you achieve it?

You need to let the energy flow in your home. Think about walking into a room with bulky furniture and little natural light. Do you feel alive and full of life? Nope. Now the opposite. You walk into a room with lots of natural light filtering through the widows and ample room to walk. You get a little pep in your step, right?

Home is a sanctuary where you should be able to relax and unwind from the crazy pace of the day. Feng Shui has been around for centuries and is based on simple common-sense practices that can be applied in your home to lift your mood and well-being.

Putting into practice five of the simple tips below will help positive energy flow throughout your home and provide that much needed relaxation your mind and spirit look forward too.

  1. Clear the clutter. Easier said than done. But de-cluttering is like lifting a heavy weight off you. Excessive clutter not only weighs on your mid, not allowing you to think clearly, but it can feel downright depressing. I’m, what I like to call, a "tucker". Which means I have a place for everything. Get an organizational system that will clean up the clutter. A dedicated junk drawer in your kitchen, tray on an entryway table for keys, basket hanging on the wall for your mail and so on...
  2. Place your sofa against a wall. The sofa should be placed a few inches away from a wall for some breathing room, and ideally placed on the wall furthest from the entry. You and your guests will have a clear view to the door, which automatically creates a positive vibe.
  3. Add plants. Feng Shui is about a soothing aura; calmness and peace. Plants attract good energy. It's why we get out of the house and seek out getaways that are surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees. Parks, hiking trails and even rooftops (people are creating green space everywhere). 👍 What a feeling! What plants should you bring to your space? Try plants that are low-maintenance and do well indoors. From personal experience, the easiest to care for:  philodendrons, ferns, lucky bamboo and spider plants.
  4. Coffee table with round edges. This is a pretty simple one. Round objects promote positive energy. When you seat people around a coffee table, jagged edges can be a bit jolting and unwelcome. Who likes pointy objects that can take out a kneecap? Now, circles and ovals, they provide soothing energy... ahh.
  5. Add your favorite colors to activate energy. Each color symbolizes an energy and can play a very important role in achieving Feng Shui. The colors can be added not only as wall paint but infused through décor like art, curtains, pillows and nick knacks. Here’s what each color represents:
  • Red: luck and wealth
  • Orange: happiness and fun
  • Yellow: mental stimulation, power
  • Green: peace, balance, healing
  • Blue: calmness, communication, spirituality
  • Purple: wealth, high spirituality
  • White: cleansing and purity
  • Black: power, especially when paired with red
  • Brown: nurturing

These five tips are simple in practice and can increase the good vibes you feel throughout your home. Will you Feng Shui today?