Our Story

Home is where the heart is. It’s heard often because it couldn’t be truer. What makes a house a home? Oh, we think it’s happiness. So, out of a passion for bringing happiness into homes, the Songbird Seven brand was created.

There are three essential products that we put all of our passion into. Art, pillows and curtains. They have the ability to transform any space in an instant. It's room décor that can make your home feel more lovable, livable and joyful.

Our designs are thoughtfully created and inspired by what we see every day. Things that make us smile, feel relaxed and even make us do a little shake and shimmy.

Many of our designs are created in-house, but we also use talented artists around the globe, offering one-of-a-kind designs you won’t find anywhere else. And our products are made to order, not mass-produced, which allows us to continually offer fresh designs that are trendy and timeless.

If nothing strikes your fancy, come back and visit later. We’re continuously creating new product designs. Because when happiness hits us, we need to share it!

Oh, there’s one more thing that makes us happy… that’s backing a great cause. We support the One Tree Planted non-profit charity that’s focused on global reforestation. Trees are vital. They help clean the air, filter our water, provide shelter and food, control our climate, impact our health and so much more. For a one-dollar donation, they’ll plant one tree on your behalf, with reforestation partners around the world. They're making a difference one tree at a time.